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AShomie Space-Saver Shelf Luggage

Product Description

Too many things to carry during your voyage and there's no sufficient space? This revolutionary LUGGAGE with built-in shelves facilitates your TRAVEL!        

Note: U.S. available only! 

Save More Space for your Travel.

This expandable luggage equipped with shelves can hold a huge amount of clothes.

Packing becomes simpler with this Space-Saver Luggage. Just arrange your clothes on the shelves, close the case, zip and go. The unique standing lid has 3 easy-access pockets, like handy drawers.

The generous size takes the greatest advantage of the shelves and pockets and keeps all your stuff perfectly arranged and easy to access. Ideal for multiple-person or multiple-day trips.

The Shelves and Pockets Make Organization Simple

  • Arrange your clothes of different categories on different shelves
  • During your long-term trip, each day's clothing could be placed on a different shelf
  • For family travel, each member could put their clothes on their own shelf
  • The case below the bottom shelf is accessible and is a handy place to stash laundry.

Space-Saver Luggage is Perfect For:

  • Family Travel
  • Business Travel
  • Cruises
  • Outdoor Activities

Weight and Size

Weight: 17.5 lbs

Size: 29" x 20" x 13" (including wheels, Adaptable for Major Airline Companies)


Shipping only within United States.


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